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 "I had a nasty dry, red irritation under my bottom lip. It itched and burned and I could not get rid of it, not matter what I tried. I would slather Vaseline on it at night, and try to exfoliate all the dead skin off so my makeup would go over it smoothly, but it would be back just the same in a matter of hours. It persisted for over two months. Nothing would get rid of it. When I first tried the Nectar of Life Night Treatment,I was hesitant, but I was ready to try anything. I received one of the best shocks of my life when two days later it was absolutely gone! It was like magic. I have used it ever since, not only on my dry skin, but all over my face as a moisturizer. Its the perfect combination of moisture and healing. I even use it on my fingertips and the backs of my hands when they get really dry. Its literally like a miracle in a bottle. Why would I ever use anything else!?"


-Rachel Fackrell Aesthetician, Make-up Artist in Albuquerque, NM

"Highly recommended! I've tried a number of different lotions and creams over the course of 4 years and nothing would clear the patch of dry skin I developed from an allergic reaction. I was so desperate to find something to heal this seemingly incurable irritation, and then my mom bought the Nectar of Life Day Moisturizer. After about a week of applying it everyday, I started seeing a significant difference, and after about a month of continued use, the dry patch was completely healed and had cleared up!!!!!!!"


- Daniel Fabrega, Owner of Uncool Fabrics from Coral Springs, FL.

"One ten minute consultation with Gabby and I felt like I had found the skin care goddess.  We talked about what reactions various products had on my skin, and she directed me to the Rebirth Repair Cleanser, Nectar of Life Day Moisturizer, and my all time favorite the Nectar of Life Night Treatment & Repair.  She also mixed up a custom to my skin tone foundation powder - it is spf 26 which I couldn't believe.  I walked out feeling like some one finally got me and was able to help.
Literally within two weeks my skin responded to the products.  I felt pretty and confident for the first time in years! They are always available online (fb) or I can give them a quick call and chat about a make-up technique or a skin problem and they take the same time to talk me through it that they did in their retail store in NM.  
I LOVE TRUE REMEDIES and will never have to shop for another skin care system or make-up line again.  This is the best there is, and trust me I know...  I tried pretty much everything out there!"


-Robin Bartlett Rio Rancho, NM

"I use all of the products and feel these are the best skin and make-up I've ever used. At age 56, I'm so happy to find a natural skin care line that is exactly what I've been looking for!"


-Debra Bererson Placitas, NM


"The custom mixed mineral foundation solved my make-up problems! Other foundation products seemed to make my large pores and crow's feet look worse. With The Studio Naturale's mineral foundation my complexion looks great- even after a long day. This is the one foundation that really does look natural, as if you're not even wearing make-up!"


-Elaine Ross, Albuquerque, NM. 

"Sometimes...I used to not put my contacts in so I couldn't see my skin all broken out & the awful makeup trying to cover it. When I looked in the mirror after trying this makeup, it looked just as flawless as if I hadn't put in my contacts!"


-Kristen Shimanek

"While visiting my daughter, I witnessed her applying her make-up, the transformation was amazing! Her skin looked so beautiful and smooth, like movie make-up, but it was natural! I had to have this make-up custom blended for me too!"


-Judy Greene, Milwaukee, Wi

"Since I started using this make-up, so many people, men and women alike, have commented about how my face looks. Some have said "Somethings different. What have you done differently?" Others have said "Your skin looks Amazing. You look like your glowing." This make-up is WONDERFUL! I LOVE IT!  It's also easy to use and the coverage is GREAT!"


-Kim Chance, Albuquerque, NM

True Remedies 100% Natural Skincare

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