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History of True Remedies

 True Remedies is an all-natural skincare company built from the ground up by a hard working mom, actress, model and make-up artist, Carmen Serano, who is dedicated to changing the skin care industry.  

 Carmen learned at a very early age, that she had a love and talent for applying make-up. She booked her first paid make-up job when she was only 15. She was hired to apply make-up for a bride on her wedding day! After Carmen had applied the bride’s make-up, she witnessed how the bride’s face lit up when she looked into a mirror and how differently she carried herself. Carmen knew that she had a hand in creating joy and self-confidence in someone else and at that very moment was certain that she had found her purpose.

 In 2005, Carmen and her husband, relocated from California to Albuquerque, New Mexico with their three children. Her husband Greg was hired to act on a television series which filmed there. Shortly after relocating, Carmen opened The Studio: a make-up place, a boutique make-up studio where she taught make-up application.  Carmen was happy teaching women how to apply their own make-up and soon began custom blending her own line of mineral make-up for her clients/friends at The Studio. It would be those same clients/friends who came to her with questions and concerns about their own skincare issues; that would eventually add yet another "career" to her already fulfilling life.


 Her friends wanted to know how they could treat and alleviate acne, rosacea, dry/mature skin, eczema, psoriasis, etc., without using harsh chemicals, steroids, prescription drugs or ridiculously expensive skincare that may or may not work. Her friends told her that they had tried the "natural stuff" and although they weren't harsh, they didn't work on their specific skin issues. Carmen soon found herself on a crusade to find an all-natural skincare line that actually worked.


 She became much more diligent in her research as she began looking into why “natural” skincare companies added so few active natural ingredients and so many chemicals or fillers to their products. Carmen was convinced that if these products were made with only the natural, active ingredients, they would be far more effective than the diluted products that were on the market. So, after months and months of research and study, she decided to try something completely unexpected... Carmen made the products herself!  Her research suggested that the products she made should produce results:  the great news is, they did.

 In 2008, she opened The Studio Naturale, an all-natural day spa, where she debuted her new, all natural skincare line. After a few years of trials, The Studio Naturale has accumulated an admirable number of client testimonials which testify to the benefits of her products. She was amazed to learn, from her clients/friends that the line was not just producing results on the face, but it was also being used to treat rashes, sun burn, eczema, cuts, scars, scrapes, ringworm, body odor, etc. The line was working and the news was spreading fast, so she soon opened two more successful locations in New Mexico by 2009.  In 2011 Carmen decided to leave New Mexico, close her physical businesses (still available online) and come home to Los Angeles. In the past year, she’s been busy renaming, refining and reformulating her skincare line, while continuing to fulfill the needs of her clients/friends of The Studio Naturale by phone, online orders via her Facebook store: and her website:


Carmen is committed to making True Remedies the finest, most effective, affordable, all natural skincare line on the market.


True Remedies 100% Natural Skincare

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